Krewe of Bonaparte
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Membership List

Membership Type Role Royalty Member Since
Adams, Anthony and Angelle Dual 2016-2017
Adams, Josh and Marietta Dual 2018-2019
Adkins, Greg and Lissa Dual 2020-2021
Aillet, Larry and Kay Dual 2018-2019
Aldridge, Alison Single 2017-2018
Aldridge, Ongel Single
Alexander, Benjamin Single 2016-2017
Alexander, Trey and Dawn Dual
Alldredge, John and Sheri Dual
Alleman, Kirsti and Neil Dual 2016-2017
Allemond, Daniel and Maggie Dual 2017-2018
Anastassiades, Aretis Single
Andrade, Alexander and Missy Dual
Andrus, Dwight and Megan Dual
Andrus, Richard and Pamela Dual 1996-1997
Angers, Adam and Nicole Dual
Arabie, Stan and Robin Dual 2013-2014
Arceneaux, Grant and Michelle Dual 2010-2011
Arceneaux, Hunter Single 2019-2020
Arceneaux, Morgan Single 2018-2019
Arenibas, Danika Single 2019-2020
Arledge, Will and Joan Dual
Atkins, Donald and Vanita Dual
Attenhofer, Larry and Frances Dual 2021-2022
Aucoin, Stephen and Britni Dual 2016-2017
Audiffred, Marty and Lee Dual Past Royalty: Martin 1980-1981
Babineaux, Charlie and Emily Dual
Back, Justin and Courtney Dual 2014-2015
Bacon, Kirk and Jaclyn Dual
Bacon, Kyle and Amy Dual 2009-2010
Baer, Clint and Erin Dual
Baine, Douglas and Nancy Dual 1989-1990
Barber, Jonathan and Aimee Dual
Barrios, Joe and Crystal Dual 2014-2015
Bartels, Bruce and Missy Dual
Barton, Mark Single
Basile, Tim Single 2019-2020
Bayard, James and Caroline Dual
Becnel, Mark and Denise Dual
Becnel, Mike and Kelli Dual
Bellard, Trevor and Abbi Dual 2021-2022
Bell, Brady and Ashley Dual
Benoit, Eric and Kela Dual
Berard, Brett and Morgan Dual 2014-2015
Bernard, Barton Single
Bernard, Blaise and Ashli Dual 2017-2018
Bernard, Devin and Stefan Dual
Beyt, Mark and Lesley Dual 2019-2020
Bienvenu, Edward and Ellen Dual 2016-2017
Bienvenu, Jimmy and Melissa Dual Past Royalty: Melissa
Bienvenu, John and Leslie Dual
Billedeaux, Brent and Jennifer Dual 2021-2022
Bishop, Lee and Elizabeth Dual 2015-2016
Blanchard, Brian and Stephanie Dual
Blanchet, William and Rebecca Dual
Blinson, Ainsli and Justin Dual 2021-2022
Bordelon, John and Suzanne Dual 2020-2021
Bordelon, Richard and Monica Dual
Boudreaux, Brett and Judy Dual
Boudreaux, Hank Single 2019-2020
Boudreaux, Jessica Single 2019-2020
Boudreaux, Philip Single 2016-2017
Boudreaux, Philip and Robyn Dual
Boudreaux, Robert and Liz Dual
Boudreaux, Stephen and Julie Dual 2016-2017
Boulet, Robert and Kathy Dual
Boustany, Alfred and Roya Dual 2014-2015
Boutte, Scott and Dana Dual 2017-2018
Bowie, Stuart and Mary Dual 2015-2016
Brasseaux, Trent and Lauren Dual 2017-2018
Breaux, Brandon and Michelle Dual 2017-2018
Breaux, Brian and Michelle Dual 2017-2018
Breaux, Ed and Roxanne Dual
Breaux, Jay and Susan Dual 2006-2007
Bronzoulis, Jonathon and Alesha Dual 2017-2018
Broussard, Andre and JoDee Dual 2017-2018
Broussard, Bennett Single 2016-2017
Broussard, Brad and Kathy Dual
Broussard, Brett and Bethany Dual 2021-2022
Broussard, Christopher and Kelli Dual
Broussard, Gary and Cecile Dual 1981-1982
Broussard, Jacob and Destynie Dual 2021-2022
Broussard, Juile and Chad Dual 2017-2018
Broussard, Richard and Kim Dual 1992-1993
Broussard, Rod and Yvette Dual 2015-2016
Broussard, Shenee and Clint Dual 2020-2021
Brown Jr, Norman and Paula Dual 2019-2020
Budden, Katy and Blaire Dual 2011-2012
Burbank, Jonathan and Frances Dual 2020-2021
Burdette, Harry and Caroline Dual 1997-1998
Burke, Stephen and Eva Dual 2011-2012
Burks, Spencer and Logan Dual 2016-2017
Bush, Robbie and Julie Dual
Butcher, John and Mary Dual
Cahanin, Nick and Allison Dual
Cahill, Kelly and Kelly Dual
Callais-Rusich, Taylor and Callie Dual
Callais, Ryckman and Kristen Dual
Callais, Thomas and Jennifer Dual 2016-2017
Callais, Travis and Kristie Dual 2018-2019
Carl, Tad Single
Casbon, Matthew and Renee Dual 2012-2013
Casey, Sean and Margaret Dual 2017-2018
Castille, Ignatius and Tia Dual 2018-2019
Castille, Karl and Jenny Dual 2013-2014
Castle, Jack and Marilyn Dual Past Royalty: Jack 1979-1980
Celio, Robert and Stefani Dual 2017-2018
Chase, Jay and Meg Dual 2002-2003
Chastant, Ryan and Margaret Dual 2018-2019
Chauvin, Hunter and Lauren Dual 2019-2020
Chiasson, Matt Single
Citron, Ashley Single 2017-2018
Citron, Grant Single 2008-2009
Clark, Stephen and Kimberly Dual 2016-2017
Clark, Stuart and Ann Dual Past Royalty: Stuart
Clark V, Stuart and Camille Dual
Cloninger, Chook and Lydia Dual Past Royalty: Chook 1984-1985
Clowers, Robert and Jennifer Dual 2019-2020
Coco, Dwayne and Karen Dual 2019-2020
Comeaux, Andre and Angie Dual
Comeaux, Dave and Cindy Dual
Comeaux, Doug and Rachel Dual
Comeaux, Richard and Dorita Dual Past Royalty: Richard
Conrad, Jace and Alex Dual 2017-2018
Cope, Tim and Laura Dual 2019-2020
Cormier, Matthew and Katie Dual 2010-2011
Cortese, Christopher and Jennifer Dual
Cosminski, Stephen and Collette Dual
Cottam, Mike and Angela Dual
Courville, Mark and Stacey Dual 2020-2021
Cox, Robert and Courtney Dual 2021-2022
Crain, Creighton and Lori Dual 2019-2020
Credeur, Adam and Sarah Dual 2016-2017
Crist, B.J. and Katie Dual
Curtis, Larry and Brenda Dual
Daigle, Dave and Lisa Dual 2017-2018
Daly, David and Lauren Dual 2017-2018
Daniel, Jeanne and David Dual 2016-2017
Darbonne, Debbra Single 2016-2017
Darnall, Clay and Lynette Dual
Darouse, Seth and Sarah Dual 2018-2019
Daugherty, Ray and Kathy Dual
Dauterive, Collin and Lana Dual 2017-2018
Dauterive, David and Shoney Dual 1998-1999
David, Blake and Amber Dual Maid 2: Amber
David, Marc and Kathy Dual
Debaillon, James and Ailene Dual 2017-2018
DeGraauw, Matt Single 2016-2017
DeJean, Griffen Single 2017-2018
Delhomme, Damian and Jennifer Dual 2020-2021
Delhomme, Duane and Sandra Dual
Deloach, Beth and Bryant Dual 2018-2019
Derise, Bryan and Louise Dual 2015-2016
Desormeaux, Chase and Katherine Dual 2015-2016
Devey, Phil and Heather Dual
Dobbs, James and Amber Dual
Doherty, Dean Single
Dohmann, Scott and Tara Dual Duke 2: Scott 2015-2016
Domengeaux Jr, James and Ellen Dual 2021-2022
Domingue, Anthony and Marilyn Dual 2019-2020
Domingue, Brent and Ashley Dual 2013-2014
Domingue, Brian and Theresa Dual
Domingue, Chris and Karen Dual 2013-2014
Domingue, Elizabeth Single 2020-2021
Domingue, Joey and Michelle Dual
Domingue, Lydia Single
Doucet, Charles and Christine Dual 2014-2015
Doughty, Ross and Jana Dual 2020-2021
Dronet, Keith and Julie Dual Past Royalty: Keith
Dubroc, Mark and Claire Dual 2016-2017
Ducharme, Jeffrey and Andrea Dual
Dugas, Eric and Margo Dual 2014-2015
Duplantis, Chase and Meghan Dual 2017-2018
Duplessis, David and Torrie Dual 2004-2005
Dupuis, Eddy and Anne Dual 1998-1999
Dupuis, Steve and Laurie Dual
Durel, Denise Single 2016-2017
East, Craig and Jennifer Dual 2016-2017
Eckert, Brent and Jessica Dual 2020-2021
Eckler, Stephanie and Greg Dual 2020-2021
Eddy, Rob and Toni Dual
Edmiston, David and Gema Dual
Edmiston, Drew Single 2014-2015
Emling, Jack Single 2002-2003
Engel, Stan and Jody Dual 2020-2021
Escott, Dane and Cara Dual
Eskridge, Cade and Brittany Dual
Estopinal, Chip and Lisa Dual
Etier, Brian and Connie Dual 2016-2017
Etier, Brian and Lauren Dual 2016-2017
Falgout, Mitch and Virginia Dual 2017-2018
Faugot, Jay and Christie Dual
Feerick, Rourke and Mollie Dual
Felder, Robert and Lauren Dual 2016-2017
Fenstermaker, John Single Past Royalty: John
Ferris, Christy Single
Fike, Jesse and Michelle Dual
Fisher, David and Nanette Dual Current Royalty: David King: David 1992-1993
Fitzgerald, Charlie and Jeanne Dual 2013-2014
Fleming, Grant and Erica Dual 2020-2021
Flettrich, Kyle and Caroline Dual 2016-2017
Fontenot, Ben and Alden Dual 2018-2019
Fontenot, Jared and Adrienne Dual 2019-2020
Fontenot, Matthew and Jennifer Dual 2019-2020
Fontenot, Phillip Single 2021-2022
Foreman III, John and Gwen Dual 2013-2014
Foreman, Jeanne Single 2017-2018
Foreman, Mary Beth Single 2016-2017
Foreman, Michael and Sara Dual 2013-2014
Forestier, Barry and Lisa Dual
Foret, Chris Single
Fremin, Katy and Ronald Dual 2018-2019
French, Keith and Michele Dual 1989-1990
Friedrichs, David and Barbara Dual 1982-1983
Fruge, Bobby (Robert Michael Fruge, Jr) and Cecilia Dual
Fuqua, Milton and Dawn Dual
Fuselier, Adam and Allison Dual 2018-2019
Fussell, James and Jessica Dual 2016-2017
Galasso, Michael and Jodi Dual
Galjour, Wesley and Lindsey Dual 2019-2020
Gardner, Michael and Kim Dual
Garvey, Steven and Lauren Dual 2011-2012
Gaspard, Aaron Single 2017-2018
Gauthier, Bobby and Allison Dual
Gauthier, Garett and Mallory Dual 2013-2014
Gauthier, Nicholas and Erica Dual 2018-2019
Gautreaux, Mitch and Kay Dual 2017-2018
Geoffroy, Gregory and Elaine Dual 2009-2010
George, Clayton and Kasey Dual
Gerami, Cooper Single 2016-2017
Gerami, Gerald and Carla Dual
Gerami, Jessica Single 2016-2017
Ghanimi, Stacy and Joe Dual 2017-2018
Gibbens, Michael and Jodi Dual
Giglio, David and Brooke Dual 2017-2018
Giglio, Joseph and Peggy Dual 2016-2017
Gillette, Charles and Jacqueline Dual 2016-2017
Giosa, Tom and Denise Dual
Gleason,Jacquelyn and David Dual 2011-2012
Godchaux, Joseph and Catrice Dual 2017-2018
Gonzalez, Junior Single
Gossen, Crawford and Britney Dual 2020-2021
Gossen, Kevin and Anne Dual
Grace, Pamela and Greg Dual
Green, Matt and Liz Dual 2017-2018
Gregory, Mike and Nancy Dual 2017-2018
Grizzaffi, Brad and Sarah Dual
Groth, Jacob and Madeleine Dual
Guidry, Allison Single 2016-2017
Guidry, Christopher and Andrea Dual 2019-2020
Guidry, Darren and Michelle Dual 1993-1994
Guidry, David and Minette Dual 2020-2021
Guidry, Grant and Brittney Dual 2021-2022
Guidry, Greg and Jane Dual
Guidry, Jason and Lorraine Dual
Guidry, Mary Single 1999-2000
Guidry, Neal and Ashley Dual
Guidry, Robert and Holly Dual 2013-2014
Guidry, Stephen and Valerie Dual
Guidry, Wayland and Sissy Dual
Guillory, Randy and Barbara Dual
Hader, Joey and Keescha Dual
Haik, Christopher and Michelle Dual 2018-2019
Haik, Richie and Katie Dual 2018-2019
Hamner, Emily Single 2015-2016
Hanrahan, Julie and Brian Dual 2011-2012
Harbeson, Lisa and Chris Dual
Hare, Dan Single Past Royalty: Dan
Hare, Michael and Jamie Dual 2020-2021
Hargrave, Kevin and Natalie Dual
Hargrave, Kimi and Jeff Dual 2020-2021
Harris, Robert and Tiffany Dual 2000-2001
Hataway, Clark and Cindy Dual
Hathorn, Eric and Dahlia Dual 2018-2019
Hayes, Scott and Kourtni Dual 2017-2018
Haynie, Randy and Daynese Dual
Haynie, Ryan and Alana Dual
Heatherly, Logan and Lindsey Dual 2018-2019
Hebert, Alex and Kacey Dual 2017-2018
Hebert, Andre and Kaitlyn Dual 2017-2018
Hebert, Charles and Lanette Dual 2017-2018
Hebert, Derek and Michelle Dual 2021-2022
Hebert, Henri and Justine Dual 2014-2015
Hebert, Kim and Andrew Dual 2016-2017
Hebert, Mark and Marla Dual 2017-2018
Hebert, Rene Single 2016-2017
Hebert, Scott and Sandra Dual 2017-2018
Hebert, Sean and Hope Dual
Hebert, Thomas and Nicole Dual 2021-2022
Hebert, Troy and Kristie Dual Current Royalty: Kristie Maid 4: Kristie
Hebert, Tyler and Jamie Dual 2008-2009
Heggie, Joe and Nanette Dual
Hellickson, Marty and Sara Dual 2020-2021
Helmer, Richard and Renee Dual 1998-1999
Hemard, Jeff and Amanda Dual
Hernandez, Willie and Debbie Dual
Hightower, Tad and Mamie Dual
Hightower, Tommy and Ann Dual
Hightower, Trey and Paige Dual
Hill, Andrew and Claire Dual 2017-2018
Hillis, Zachary Single 2017-2018
Hines, Derrick Single 2017-2018
Hines, Richard and Danielle Dual 2010-2011
Hodgins, Grant and Hannah Dual 2021-2022
Holeman, Natalie Single
Horaist, Douglas and Ashley Dual 2019-2020
Horaist, Michael Single
Hotard, Richard and Carey Dual 2018-2019
Hovis, Tommy and Blaire Dual
Huff, Ryan and Alison Dual
Huggard, Blake and Mary Frances Dual 2004-2005
Hurst, Richard and Lori Dual
Hutchison, Michael and Valerie Dual 2012-2013
Iler, James and Shannon Dual 2019-2020
Inzina, Blase and Erica Dual
Ishee, Michael and Jami Dual 2018-2019
Jacobsen, Victoria Single 2016-2017
James, Brooke Single 2019-2020
James, Daniel and Lauren Dual
Jefcoat, John and June Dual
Jenkins, Brian and Brianne Dual 2016-2017
Jenks, Rich and Allison Dual 2019-2020
Johnson, Kelsey and Kaitlyn Dual 2016-2017
Jones, Erik and Natalie Dual 2017-2018
Joubert, Michael and Alexis Dual 2017-2018
Judice, Adam and Kate Dual Current Royalty: Adam Captain: Adam 2008-2009
Judice, Michael and Maureen Dual Past Royalty: Michael
Judice, Trevor and Emily Dual 2005-2006
Jurisich, Joel and Caroline Dual 2021-2022
Kane, Amy and Kelley Dual 2021-2022
Kartsimas, Jamie and Denise Dual
Kauffman, Carter Single 2019-2020
Keating, Tom and Noreen Dual 2010-2011
Kellner, Bill and Mary Dual
Keogh, Ross and Diane Dual
Kergan, Ted and Ann Dual
Kieta, Micki Single 2016-2017
Kieta, Thomas Single 2014-2015
Killeen, Patrick and Michelle Dual 2017-2018
Klingensmith, William and Madeline Dual 2020-2021
Knight, Ashley Single 2015-2016
Knott, Kenneth and Myra Dual 2017-2018
Koerber, Jeffery and Vickie Dual
Kraemer, Katie Single 2021-2022
Krampe, E.J. and Daphne Dual
Kuon, Corita and Dylan Dual 2020-2021
Lacaze, Richard and Kristine Dual
LaGrange, Kevin and Cathy Dual 2017-2018
Laiche, Ryan and Lindsay Dual 2019-2020
Lalande, Mark and Katie Dual
Lalande, Pascal Single 2019-2020
Landry, David and Lori Dual 2015-2016
Landry, Don and Rebecca Dual Past Royalty: Don
Landry, Jacob and Cory Dual 2018-2019
Landry, Jeff and Caroline Dual
Landry, Jonas and Ashleigh Dual 2015-2016
Landry, Justin and Jennifer Dual 2017-2018
Landry, Michele and Mike Ortego Dual
Lane, Chris and Cheryl Dual Current Royalty: Cheryl Maid 3: Cheryl
Lane, Clif and Marianne Dual Past Royalty: Clif
Lane, Matt and Elizabeth Dual 2021-2022
Langlinais Jr, Robert and Renee Dual Current Royalty: Renee Maid 1: Renee 2017-2018
Langlinais, Patrick and Brittany Dual 2021-2022
LaPorte, Kent and Sherrie Dual 2017-2018
Lassere, Brent and Tracey Dual 2013-2014
Latiolais, Kevin and Angelique Dual 2017-2018
LaValley, Rachel Single
Lawton, Laura and Alan Dual 2018-2019
LeBeouf, Blake O and Chandra Dual 2019-2020
LeBlanc, Andre and Ann Dual 2019-2020
Leblanc, Brennon and Susan Dual
LeBlanc, Ned and Margie Dual 2016-2017
LeBlanc, Phillip and Makenzie Dual 2016-2017
LeBlanc, Robby and Krista Dual
LeBouef, Blake and Allison Dual 2017-2018
Legg, Kaleb and Brooke Dual 2020-2021
LeGros, Jimmy and Alison Dual 2019-2020
LeJeune, Robert and Ellen Dual 1997-1998
Leon, Danny and Brandi Dual 2021-2022
Lerille, Mark and Jacquie Dual 2017-2018
Levin, John and Corbin Dual 2018-2019
Logan, Greg and Darcy Dual
Logan, Melissa and Jackson Dual 2018-2019
Lognion, Ben and Sarah Dual
Lognion, Gene and Julia Dual Past Royalty: Gene
Longman, Merritt Single 2020-2021
Lopez, Adam and Sarah Dual 2016-2017
Louque, Joe and Sidney Dual 2020-2021
Lowry, William and Amanda Dual 2019-2020
Luke, Jay and Lauren Dual
Macicek, Eric and Kathryn Dual
Maggio, Tom and Jackie Dual
Mahoney, Sean and Jeanne Dual
Mallia, Jimmy Single
Manuel, Troy and Maria Dual 1996-1997
Marine, Michael and Stephanie Dual 2020-2021
Marine, Ryan and Jennifer Dual
Marsiglia, Lauren and Philip Dual 2016-2017
Martin, Alexander and Alexandra Dual 2021-2022
Martin, Edwin and Stephanie Dual
Martin, Melanie Single
Matt, Jason Single
Matzye, Chris and Katy Dual 2016-2017
Mayeaux, David and Kristen Dual 2020-2021
Maynard, Jason and Tonya Dual 2009-2010
McCarron, Michael and Ryann Dual 2021-2022
McCormick, Damien and Randi Dual 2015-2016
McCormick, Jay and Elizabeth Dual 2016-2017
McFaul, Angela and Robert Dual 2009-2010
McGovern, Lauren and Garret Dual 2017-2018
McGovern, William and Karen Dual 2019-2020
McGuirt, Chris Single 2007-2008
McIntosh, Richard and Nicky Dual 2017-2018
McManus, Rohn and Amy Dual
Meaux, David and Anna Dual
Melancon, James and Shannon Dual
Mellington, Brett and Donna Dual 1975-1976
Mellington, Eric and Melanie Dual Current Royalty: Eric Duke 3: Eric 2010-2011
Mellington, Tarena and Ian Dual
Menard, Kelly and Meghan Dual 2018-2019
Migues, Lance and Brooke Dual 2017-2018
Miller, Scott and Laura Dual 2004-2005
Mims, Andrew and Christy Dual
Moncla, Buck and Emily Dual
Moncla, Jacie and Andrew Dual 2011-2012
Montegut, Adele and Ryan Dual
Montesano, Bill and Michele Dual 1998-1999
Montesano, Bruce and Stacy Dual Past Royalty: Bruce 1990-1991
Montesano, Eric and Kelli Dual 2019-2020
Montgomery, Forrest Single
Montgomery, Marshall and Patricia Dual
Montgomery, Robert and Laura Dual
Montreuil, Justin Single 2020-2021
Moody, Braxton Single
Morein, J.D. Single
Moroux, Lynn and Greg Dual
Morrow, Eric and Parri Dual 2019-2020
Mosing, Bryn and Christina Dual
Mosing, Erich and Britny Dual
Mosing, Mike and Jovette Dual
Mosing, Vohn and Anne Dual
Moulis, David and Mary Dual
Moulis, Malloy and Hannah Dual
Mouton, Mark and Pam Dual 2005-2006
Mouton, Ross and Kristen Dual 2017-2018
Mouton, Ryan and Ann Dual 2018-2019
Munchrath, Dwight and Jill Dual
Munchrath, Victoria Single 2018-2019
Munsell, John and Michelle Dual
Nash, Jadon and Mindi Dual 2020-2021
Neuner, Frank and Tracy Dual Past Royalty: Frank 1978-1979
Nicolosi, Beau and Abby Dual
Nims, Tucker Single 2017-2018
Norman III, Roger Single 2017-2018
Nugent, John and Virginia Dual 2014-2015
O'Connor, Benjamin Single 2019-2020
O'Connor, Sheri Single
Oliver, Tim and Lisa Dual
O'Neal, Brady and Anna Dual
O'Neal, Cole and Kayla Dual 2021-2022
O'Neill, Shawn and Sharon Dual
O'Niell, John and Aimee Dual 2017-2018
Opie, Jim and Yvonne Dual
Opie, Kaitlynn Single 2016-2017
O'Pry, Donnie and Stephanie Dual 2016-2017
Ortlieb, Adrian Single 2015-2016
Ottinger, Stuart and Colleen Dual 2012-2013
Oubre, John Single 2011-2012
Pardo, Anthony and Emilia Dual 2017-2018
Payne, Charles and Abigail Dual
Pellerin, Joey and Dana Dual
Penton, Judson and Alison Dual 2017-2018
Perret, Hunter and Candyce Dual 2016-2017
Perret, Philip and Angelle Dual
Perret, Teeny and Christy Dual
Perron, Derwin and Jennifer Dual 2014-2015
Peterson, Stephanie and Josh Dual 2020-2021
Pfister, Nick Single
Poche, Katie Single 2019-2020
Poche, Mitch and Jamie Dual 2021-2022
Poche, William and Lauren Dual
Poupart, Patrick Single
Pratt, Shannon and Justin Dual 2019-2020
Precht, Jordan and Erica Dual 2020-2021
Prejean, Paul and Diane Dual 1998-1999
Prejean, Sarah Single
Price, Samantha and Kaleb Dual 2016-2017
Primeaux, Sean and Brittany Dual 2020-2021
Provost, Chuck and Roxanne Dual 2017-2018
Rabeaux, Scott and Natalie Dual
Rader, Chris and Jennie Dual 2018-2019
Rader, Norris and Allison Dual
Raggio, Jeff and Shari Dual
Ransonet, Jon and Joan Dual 2016-2017
Ray, Rhiannon Single 2021-2022
Ray, Robert and Meghan Dual
Reaux, Renee Single Past Royalty: Renee 1987-1988
Rhoads, Jeff and Linda Dual
Richard, Chris and Susan Dual 1995-1996
Richard, Jonathan and Brooke Dual 2016-2017
Ring, Jasper and Jari Dual
Rivera, Randy and Celie Dual 2000-2001
Robinson, Alexander Bart and Mary Dual 2017-2018
Robinson, Jeffrey and Mia Dual
Roddie, Erik Single
Rogers, David and Carolina Dual
Rogers, Matt and Kathryn Dual 2018-2019
Rogerson Jr, Lonnie and Stephanie Dual 2021 - 2022
Rogers, Tyler and Lauren Dual
Romero, Chad and Christina Dual 2018-2019
Romero III, Raymond and Mandie Dual 2021-2022
Romero, Neil and Kelly Dual
Rongey, Matthew and Meredith Dual 2013-2014
Rongey, Michael and Katherine Dual 2016-2017
Roth, Benjamin and Rachael Dual 2018-2019
Rountree, Will and Kate Dual
Roy, Jamie Single
Roy, Robert and Rebecca Dual 2017-2018
Roy, William and Lindsey Dual
Ryan, Timothy and Anne Dual
Saad, Marc and Susan Dual 2016-2017
Sabatier, Paul and Jessica Dual 2017-2018
Salmon, Caroline and Quinn Dual 2015-2016
Saloom, Christina and Brad Dual
Salts, Greg and Emily Dual 2021-2022
Saltzman, Keith and Erin Dual
Samson, Josalyn Single 2016-2017
Sanford, Jeff and Katie Dual 2017-2018
Sarver, Charles and Lauren Dual 2017-2018
Saterfiel, Drew and Lindsey Dual 2010-2011
Savoy, Christopher and Meaghan Dual
Schexnayder, David and Allie Dual 2020-2021
Schexnayder III, Nelson Single 2017-2018
Schmidt, Lisamarie Single 2016-2017
Schmidt, Wende and Bobby Dual 2015-2016
Schoeffler, Todd and Jeanne Dual 2009-2010
Schuh, Loren and Julie Dual 2016-2017
Schumacher, Scott Single 1981-1982
Sebastien, Mary Barbie and Christian Dual 2017-2018
Self, Claiborne and Cindy Dual
Sibille, Jennifer Single 2019-2020
Simms, Lindsey and Ben Dual 2021-2022
Simon, Jude and Jacey Dual 2014-2015
Slavich, Frank and Laura Dual 2016-2017
Smith, Daniel and Shelly Dual 2020-2021
Smith, Eric and Debbie Dual
Smith, Jerome and Germaine Dual Past Royalty: Jerome
Smith, Lindsey Single 2018-2019
Smith, Matthew and Corrine Dual 2014-2015
Smith, Petey and Elizabeth Dual 2017-2018
Smith, Phillip and Morgan Dual 2016-2017
Smith, Steve and Lisa Dual
Snatic, Simone Single 2017-2018
Springer, Leonard and Debbie Dual 1992-1993
Stanford, Alex and Lindsey Dual 2020-2021
Stanford, Kelly and Twila Dual
Stanford, Molly and Justin Dual 2020-2021
Starling, Chris Single 2013-2014
Stefanksi, Stephen and Robbie Dual 2021-2022
Stelly, Kyle Single 2014-2015
Stough, Parker and Heather Dual 2016-2017
Stringer, Bryan and Anna Dual
Strong, Charles and Simone Dual 2021-2022
Strother, Darren and Nicole Dual
Stuffle, John and Ann Dual
Summerhays, Bob and Kim Dual 2016-2017
Svendson, Lawrence and Katy Dual 2007-2008
Swift, John and Jan Dual 1983-1984
Tadin, David and Mary Dual 2021-2022
Talley, C.B. and Anissa Dual 2000-2001
Tatford, Regan and Kristie Dual 2013-2014
Test 123 Dual
Texada, Chase Single 2019-2020
Thibodeaux, Gerard and Jean Dual 2019-2020
Thibodeaux, Jeff Single
Thibodeaux, Lisa and Mickey Dual 2018-2019
Thibodeaux, Ronald and Vicky Dual 2017-2018
Thomassee, Eric and May Dual 2016-2017
Thompson, Tracy and Norman Dual
Thompson, Troy and Kendra Dual 2019-2020
Topham, Brad and Eileen Dual 2017-2018
Torian, Robert and Denise Dual Past Royalty: Robert
Trahan, Chad and Carol Dual
Trahan, Douglas and Kimberly Dual
Trahan, Hunter and Renae Dual Past Royalty: Hunter 2004-2005
Trahan, James and Mitzi Dual 2005-2006
Trahan, Todd and Cindy Dual
Trahan, Tyler and Gabrielle Dual 2021-2022
Travasos, David and Jamie Dual 2005-2006
Vanderlick, Emily Single 2019-2020
Veron, Ken and Mary Dual Past Royalty: Ken 1981-1982
Viator, Zach and Summer Dual 2016-2017
Vicknair, Chad and Rohini Dual 2019-2020
Voth, Rick and Connie Dual
Walters, Emily and Tyler Dual 2020-2021
Watson, Robert and Maria Dual 2016-2017
Way, David and Missy Dual 2018-2019
Weaver, Jason and Blair Dual 2016-2017
Weaver, Laura Single 2001-2002
Weaver, Natalie and Chad Dual
Weber, Hans and Marisa Dual 2016-2017
White, Jeremy and Caroline Dual 2020-2021
White, Jesse and Brianne Dual 2016-2017
White Jr, James and Elizabeth Dual Current Royalty: James Duke 4: James 2017-2018
Whitmeyer, Kelsey Single 2021-2022
Whitmeyer, Kerry and Paula Dual 2002-2003
Whittall, Scott and Allen Dual 2019-2020
Wittenberg, Frank and Kim Dual 2021-2022
Wittenberg, Leonard Single 2019-2020
Womack, Lee and Allyson Dual 2010-2011
Woodruff, Seth and Stephanie Dual 2019-2020
Wyatt, Chuck and Noemi Dual
Wynne, Ed and Melissa Dual
Yentzen, Jake and Sara Dual
Young, Sara and Ryan Dual
Zepernick, Gus and Sheila Dual
Zuschlag, Blair and Sara Dual
617 Memberships